Jan 7 2022 Torvi

Laki & Järjestys, Kohu-63
Jan 7 2022 TORVI, Loviisankatu 8, 15100 Lahti

Good and bad news!

Unfortunately L.A.M.F. has cancelled all upcoming shows due to health issues.

The line-up was updated with a legendary hardcore/punkband KOHU-63. The band was founded in 1976 and it hails from Tampere, Finland. 

During decades KOHU-63 has toured all around the world showing people their persistence and respectable DIY-attitude. It's a true cult band in HC-punk scene!

A couple of years ago the Finnish broadcasting company YLE followed the band in their US-tour and produced TV-documentary "KOHU-63 in America".

Laki & Järjestys