HTR012/MUSTA-01 1984/Black Betsy – split CD

September 2006
Split release with Musta Maija Records.


1. Next time Stab Harder 1:51
2. A Rumor of War 1:38
3. Game Over 3:05
4. Joke’s on Me 2:35

Black Betsy

5. In Here 2:16
6. Pay for Your Sins 2:12
7. You Have To Choose 2:40
8. Brick Wall 2:23
9. Black Betsy 06 2:12

Following in the footsteps of their brutal sounding Connecticut forefathers (100 Demons, Hatebreed, Death Threat, 2X4), the four piece known as 1984 give you a harmonious combination of fast agressive thrash, barbaric breakdowns, and misanthropic soul incinerating lyrics. The 1984/Black Betsy split CD continues where their first EP, “Wide Awake In The Land Of The Dead,” left off, but the bands progression is obvious: their sound has matured with more intelligent guitar riffs, while the craft of writing monstrous beatdown material has only improved. Lyrically they have not strayed from their path–humanity is evil, and “they” are after you, so give up hope and dont even try. Parental discretion is strongly advised… Side effects include suicidal thoughts, depression, anxiety, frustration, violent urges and fantasies of which you may act upon, and an overall sense of disgust with the world.

Black Betsy
Black Betsy can best be described as the soundtrack to a violent riot. The quartet from Helsinki (Finland) have molded a unique sound by creatively transitioning fast paced hardcore into bone-shattering beatdowns–all with exceptional sound quality! Each song is laced with sentiments of hate, despair, contempt, and at times unexpected wisdom–“Pride alone wont keep you alive.” Black Betsy also brings to the stage an onslaught of innappropriate behavior similar to the antics of Bad Luck 13, and thus should not be viewed by the faint of heart! This band deserves a spot on the shelf for any fans of Madball, Buried Alive, Death Threat, Strife, and Merauder.
(Written by Chris/Dennehy Records)


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