HTR014 Barse: If You Can’t Fuck Em, Cut them Up! CD

1000 CD’s
July 2007

1. You Don’t Know Me Yet 2:49
2. My Bird 2:40
3. Voices in My Head 2:24
4. Switch Off 2:21
5. Die, Die, Freak 1:16
6. Turn Around + Hate Me 2:32
7. Breaking up Is Easy to Do 1:58
8. Tears of Frustatrion 2:19
9. Something Happens 3:01
10. Die Screaming 1:22
11. Terminal Breakdown 1:54
12. I’ve Got Tourettes 2:09
13. Zombie Girls on Heat 2:32
14. Bad Samaritan 2:53
15. Your Street Stinks 2:18



Review in Ox-Fanzine (German) LINK

Tunes as infectious as lunch with KGB dissident, music as gutsy as an MP demanding a 66% pay rise and lyrics that are just as wrong! The PC zine network will probably scream “childish!!”, I say it’s just as good as the first LP’s by Oxymoron, Blitz, Macc Lads, Cock Sparrer, Sloppy Seconds and Showcase Showdown, and if you’ve just joined us from planet pop punk, that means one of the best albums ever made. From the mental thrasher “Die Die Freak” to the poppy love/hate song “Turn Around & Hate Me” it’s a filler-free feast of choice punk rock that (to quote the chorus of “I’ve Got Tourettes”) you’d be “barking” to miss. If I started quoting lyrics I’d be here all day, so let’s just say I haven’t laughed so much since the Brighton bomb. A work of sheer art ina sea of mediocrity. (10/10)

Sue #111

For all you people who know Trev & read his Negative Reaction zine, for a band to get a great review & for Trev to rave about them, they have to be fucking fantastic. One of these bands was Barse, so I bought the cds without hearing them & they were great albums. The singer Gash Flaps tragically died a few weeks after this cd/lp was recorded. It says on the info sheet that ‘if you want the anthems of the Buzzcocks & Cock Sparrer, Killjoys & Neon Hearts, this may be your punk holy grail’ Very true but Barse & Gash made the band’s sound their own. No ripping off or copying with this lot, you just have to listen to the guitaring, who does it sound like? A unique sound to Barse. Lyrics are as great as anything by early Peter & the Test Tube Babies & 3CR.

This album will have you rolling round laughing & the songs will be in your head for ages. We get “You Don’t Know Me Yet”, “My Bird”, Voices In My Head”, “Switch Off”’, “Die Die Freak”, “Turn Around & Hate Me”, “Breaking Up Is Easy To Do”, “Tears of Frustration”, “Something Happens”, “Die Screaming” and “Terminal Breakdown”. A new classic “Tourettes” (I think this was not taking the piss out of Pete of Big Bro’ but of all the chavs out there who thought it was cool to pretend to have tourettes. This should be made into a single. “Zombie Girls On Heat”, “Bad Samaritan” & to finish off with the great “Your Street Stinks”. You have to buy this album.

John – Fast & Loud #8 February 2008

15 Punk as fuck tracks that are as catchy as hell and are in yer face and funny as fuck!! This definitely ain’t for the easily upset or faint of heart but for the rest of us I reckon it could be one of the albums of the year. The music is sing along Punk at it’s finest and the lyrics are some of the funniest I’ve heard… definitely not the stuff to play at yer granny’s birthday bash (or maybe it is haha.. ).. “Tourettes”, “My Bird”, “Voices In My Head”.. along with nearly every track on this disc are set to be classics and this CD has got to be a gotta get people! Unfortunately Gash Flaps of the band died not long after it was recorded so I think it’s a fitting tribute to go buy this disc and play it loudly and proudly!!

Sean Oi! Warning #6 Jan 2008

The scumfucs are back!! If you are unfamiliar with BARSE (what’s the matter with you???) they are obnoxious fuckers who mix the depravity of GG ALLIN and THE MENTORS with the crudeness, vulgarity and humour of THE MACC LADS and the addictive melody of SLOPPY SECONDS and COCKSPARRER. They’ve taken it all up a notch from the debut full-length ‘Negative Reaction’ and the addictiveness has doubled on this. The blend of obnoxious sleaze with alluring melody is something that I just love- that’s why early GG is so fucking great and when he lost that melody and got more aggressive later on, he lost everything. The key is to make singalongs that penetrate the brain and almost subliminally plant the sordidness in the brain like vulgar pop songs. Don’t get me wrong this has got balls, big balls. It’s a real pity that this is the end of the BARSE saga due to vocalist Gash’s death because this is a huge blow to real punk rock. There aren’t many bands like BARSE around and I don’t think we’ll see many more, sadly.


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