HTR016 Antti Tuska & Vähämieliset: Kosmista suhinaa 7″ single

January 2008
500 black, 45rpm vinyls with big central hole

Antti Tuska & Vähämieliset had tried a studio two times, but failed miserably because of alcohol and drug abuse gone out of control. We still wanted to put out a 7″, so we had to look for live material in the vaults. “Aren’t they even worse live?”, you may ask. Considering the circumstances, the songs presented here are well held together. “Cosmic Fuzz” contains stuff recorded live outdoors at LPRHC Summerfest (Lappeenranta, Finland) in 2006 and 2007. At both fests, Antti Tuska opened with their friends Kyre & Duunarit to about 50 people. That was at about 12 in the morning. Those few didn’t regret showing up early, because the sets were hard, unpredictable and amuzing, hardcorepunk fire. The band had already had their usual share of hassle getting at the festival area, and you can hear the players having unbearable Saturday morning hurricanes in their heads.

1. Täyet, täyet 1:31
2. Itäviinaa 0:25
3. Elämä on kovaa 0:47
4. Pajarila 1:49

1. Vittu me juodaan viinaa 1:07
2. Niiranen 0:55
3. Playa del Ingles 2:16

Review in Ox-Fanzine (German)

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