The second full length by the Finnish surf punks, THE VERTICALS offers 8 new tracks. When they were formed in 1996, The Verticals was highly influenced by “old farts” such as THE VENTURES and SANTANA, the famous Finnish group LAIKA & THE COSMONAUTS, MAN… OR ASTRO-MAN? and LINK WRAY, but after a while they really haven’t sounded anything else than their own style of “instrumental surfcore”.

1. Intoducing Leo Kress
2. Katsastus
3. Black Suit and a Tie
4. Third Ear
5. Pistolero
6. Lpr Woman
7. Blossanova
8. Ein Fall Für Zwei

Total running time: 19:45
It’s a punk full length!
Instrumental surfcore since 1996!

Don’t forget to check out the video for “Pistolero” somewhere in internet!

The Verticals are two guitars, organ, bass, percussions and drums:
Mr. Niskanen
Mr. Summanen
Mr. Tuuri
Mr. Rapi
Mr. Kuikka
Mr. Tuuliainen

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