HTR021 The Prostitutes: Belle Ringer 7″

September 2009

a1 Psychward California (K. McGovern)
a2 Backstab (K. McGovern)
b1 Annihilate From The Start (K. McGovern)
b2 Poison Me (Mcgovern/James)

It’s the shattered chords that let you know something’s not quite right – that within the discord there’s no sense of calm, no underlying sanity to pull you through. Despite their veteran status in the United States punk scene, Kevin McGovern and the Prostitutes have made clear through the release of their latest 7″, Belle Ringer, that they will not be coasting on their past success. The band is vicious: pulsing drums with dirty fragmented guitars…and yet somehow they sound tighter than ever. McGovern’s vocals are nothing short of deranged. He sounds wild, as if he could fly off the handle at any moment; and what’s most impressive is that it’s all so brilliantly calculated. After so many years, the Prostitutes know what they’re doing. It’s the disgust of the Sex Pistols meeting the angular chords of early New York punk that’s drives Belle Ringer. They’ve taken the chaos of the Stooges and amped it—gone back in time but refused to hammer out the sounds we’ve already heard. Never underestimate the Prostitutes.

This is THE ORIGINAL PROSTITUTES, the nineties US punk rock band, who now live in Long Beach, California.

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