KDN01 Bonded With Blood/Justice Shall Prevail split 7″

November 1998
Black vinyl press: 500
Sold out.

Bonded With Blood

1. I’ve Got Nothing To Lose
2. Our Attitudes
3. Wheat From The Coats
4. Walls

Justice Shall Prevail

1. Million And One
2. Unconditional
3. In Defense Of Hardcore
4. Through The Darkest Hour


“A split of 2 bands I hadn’t heard of before. Both bands come From Finland, and so is the new label. Although the cover art isn’t that great and quite sober the music is most important. Bonded With Blood plays fast old schoolish HC, with their two singers and quite original way of singing, this band sounds different than the average HC- band. Lyrics deal with friendship, hardcore, sXe. I guess they can re- write their lyrics and change their name, ’cause they aren’t a sXe band anymore. About Justice Shall Prevail, I actually don’t like their music. I guess the main reason is the singer. His voice is so irritant!. Musically they can improve a lot. Maybe next release is better? Oh, did I say that JSP plays kinda old school HC?”
(Backdrop #4)

“Antti From Finland sent this 7″ of his band B.W.B. with the question if I would review it and so I did. To be honest I expected something far more worse than this. B.W.B. plays oldschool XXX but ten times heavier than all these bands from the youth crew revival there is goin’ on right now. I just love that dance- part in the first song! Lyrics are about the X, friendship and there’s also a hilarious one about HxC- attitudes. I’m sure it’s meant well but it comes over rather silly to me. Other band is Justice Shall Prevail and they play the same sort of style but with a more NY -ish sound. The voice kinda annoys me, it looks to me like he’s screaming just for the fun of it. As I said before, I was positively surprised by these two Finnish bands. Thanks Antti for sending this, I owe you one!”
(New Direction #2)

“From their names I expected tough guy core but both these bands deliver four fast and especially aggressive, angry hardcore where I like Justice Shall.. a little bit more. A decent 7″. JP”
(Reflections #12)


Bonded With Blood

I’ve Got Nothing To Lose
These chains. These bonds. Friendship forever.
You whine something about your loss. As your time of hideness comes you forget everything. Your battle stands by your pride. You’re fighting of behalf of yourself.
But love is close to me and consists of all my friends that I can’t lose. ‘Cause I know this friendship exists, I need nothing more, I’ve got nothing to lose
This feeling is here for good.
This feeling is here to last forever.

Our Attitudes
Hardcore, deathcore, it’s all fucking same. This is about our attitudes.
For you it’s about playing fast and it’s something from the past. Old school the only way, it’s more than one style, hardcore is our fuckin’ life.
Hardcore, deathcore, it’s all fuckin’ same. This is about our attitudes.
Don’t you fuckin’ fake come to say what is wrong or right. ‘Cause it’s more than music, it comes deep from our hearts.

Wheat From The Coats
Once swored in the name of drug free youth. Once believed there’s no other way. Now you’re just a number in the stream. It’s so easy to let it go.
Yesterday we had a legion.
Now there’s only few.
Our commitment and our friendship.
This bond that keeps as free.
Marked yourself with the X. Thought it was a cool thing to do. Didn’t know what it meant, still you swored “true ’til death!”
When we walked the separate ways, you started to hang out with other friends. Went with them and dropped from the edge. Revealed your true face and what you really are inside.

Justice Shall Prevail

Million and One
I left the lady luck
I make my own fate
Blame nobody else
for my mistakes
When life punches me
in the face
I take each blow with a smile
won’t let it break me down

There must be a million songs about taking control of your life
Well I’m in control of mine so I guess this makes it million and one

And if you hate this subject
I guess you’re one of those
who lose control when they face hard times

You say you cut the bonds between us if I lose my interest in the cause
if you were to lose your dedication I would still stand by your side

In this cold world you need someone you can trust
not just someone who fits the image of political correctness

There’s so much more to my friendship than having same opinion about everything
It’s my heart not my reasoning that chooses my friends

In Defense Of Hardcore
You try to turn hardcore to something that it’s not
You say it’s more than music and the message matters most
It seems to me that you forgot what the music itself is all about
Of course it’s more than music but it’s not fucking pop

Pop music with PC- lyrics is not hardcore
This is about fingerpointing not wriggling on the floor
Hardcore is a combination of music and the message
You can’t just take the other and do whatever you want with it

Through The Darkest Hour
The shit rain falls down again trying to force me on my knees
but pounding fists from above have never been able to break me
Problems piling on my shoulders but my back does not bend
Take the bull by the horns and fight it until the bitter end

Through the darkest hour I walk with confidence
Through the darkest hour steamroller unstoppable

While some of us fall down and get crushed by the weight
I punch a hole through the wall they built on my way

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