KDN02 Anal Thunder: “Greetings From Uranus” 7″

August 1999
Brown vinyl press: 300
Sold out

1. Anal Thunder (I Think I Need A Map)
2. In My Kitchen
3. Backseat Of My Ford
4. 25
5. Poison
6. My Ass (Live)
7. Kill Your Neighbours (Live)
8. Hullun Kutsuhuuto (Live)


“What a funny title for a release! This fun core band do a good job with this release on Kidney Records. When I first saw the cover and booklet I expected some bad punk, but no, this band is all about melody, punkrock and fun! Good played songs with funny lyrics, an Alice Cooper cover and some live songs when the members were drunk. Not for die hard SXE people, only for people who are into FUN. By the way, the color of the vinyl is… BROWN!”
(Backdrop #5)


A.T. (I Think I Need A Map)

(This place sucks!)
I can’t find my way out
there’s puke coming from my mouth
what the fuck I’m supposed to do?
(Whitesnake rocks!)
hundreds of assholes on my way
where’s the door? I have to pray
before I throw up all over the floor
(Stupid fucks!)

I think I need a map tonight

It wasn’t me, do you believe?
I haven’t eaten anything that green
It wasn’t me, I don’t wanna clean
your stupid floors from
piss, puke & shit

(Blah, blah, blah)
The bartenders getting close
my eyes could as well be closed
as try to run as fast as I can
(Blih, blah, blih?)
10 seconds later I found out
this puke is back in my mouth
that fuckin ape made me
lick up the floor
(Courtney Cox?)

I think I need a map tonight

Backseat Of My Ford

Well it’s Friday night
and I’m driving around
my boots are shining,
the music is loud,
my engine’s hot and so am I,
I need chicks & pot
to get real high,
to get real high!
I’m listening to Steve Vai
’til my tank is dry.

how about a ride
thru the night, honey?
If you blow me,
I’ll give you some money.
I’ll do you on the
backseat of my Ford,
dumb you in a ditch
and call you a whore,
call you a whore!!
(you goddamn bitch)
I’m listening to Steve Vai
’til my tank is dry.

Keke my ass,
check my mustache! x4

Fuck the nature, I’m driving fast,
I’ve got sunglasses, got a mustache,
rubber is burnin’, I’m wasting gas,
Keke my ass, check my mustache.

Kill Your Neighbors

Who cares more than you care
yourself about what you did last
night? Who knows all about it when
you’re as high as a kite?
Who were the ones who called
the police just ’cause someone
threw up? Who are always writing
notes whenever you fuck up?

My neighbors aren’t old,
they’re just ’bout my age.
My grandma’s much more cool than
them but that is not the case.
They got me an eviction warning
now I’m full of rage
I’m gonna break into their house
and piss all over the place!

Whoooo- oooo- ooo
Kill your neighbors!

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